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Alpha's Rejecte Mate

The Strength of a Single Mother, The Courage of a Rejected Mate

Demetria is a small wolf in her pack, and everyone really likes her. Her mom is the scariest fighter in the werewolf world, and her dad is an important Beta in a nearby pack. Today is the day she meets her soulmate.

RunAway Alpha Luna

From Fugitive to Alpha Luna: Demi's Transformation

Demi is a real alpha female, which means she’s a wolf everyone wants. Her parents were pure alphas too. Demi hides from all the alphas who try to find her because she has a terrible trauma that she’s running away from.


Defiance in The Face of Cruelty

Christina O’Brien’s dad got hurt by some bad people. He was trying to keep her aunt and her safe from being taken away. Everyone in the group really liked her dad, especially the kids. But there was a bad guy, Beta Mosses, who wanted Christina for his sexual pleasures.

Surprised Mate

Destiny's Tune: When the Alpha Found Love

The alpha of the most vicious pack in the country is surprised to finally find his mate. He loses scent in a bar and grill where she is singing. He goes to a small neighboring pack that wants to form an ally.

My Tormentor My Mate

A College Tale of Healing and Sisterhood

Jeana’s mom passed away because of cancer a week before she started high school. Right from the beginning of her first year, she faced bullying. She couldn’t figure out why one boy had so much hate for her.

Smelly Mellie

A Father's Hidden Truth, A Daughter's Revelation

M.J.’s mom passed away while having her, and now her dad and her twin brother hold her responsible for it. When M.J. returns to school, she encounters a new group of kids who share a mysterious bond. However, M.J. is treated as an outsider in school because of her more popular twin brother.